Payment in cash or by card to courier

Payment by cash or card to The courier is available at the registration of delivery in Moscow within the ring road, as well as in some cities of Russia.

The option of fitting and partial redemption is available in Moscow. In other cities of Russia delivery is carried out only on prepayment, without possibility of fitting and partial redemption.

Please note that refunds are made only to the bank card on the details provided in the refund application.

For other types of delivery you can pay for your order only by means of prepayment in the following ways:

1. Online Payment on the site

After the order is confirmed, you will be automatically redirected to the online payment page, where you need to enter your card details carefully and accurately:

  • Cardholder (listed on the front side of the bank card in English in capital letters. For example: IVANOV IVAN);
  • Card number (listed on the front of the credit card and consists of 16 digits. For example: 0123 4567 8901 2345);
  • Card validity period (indicated on the front side of the credit card-month and year, to which the card is valid. The card’s validity period is entered by numbers. For example: 12 (entered in the field of the month) and 22 (entered in the field of the year), which means that the card is valid until December 2022 year); CVV2 or CVC2 code of the card (indicated on the back of the credit card and consists of three digits. For example: 123).

2. Money transfer to current account

Money transfer to the current account is credited to the next business day, the delivery time is calculated from the moment of receipt of funds.

Transfer of funds to the requisites of the company “Slavna” with indication of the order number in the purpose of payment.

Recipient: LLC “Slavna”
Account Number: 40702810938000080092
Beneficiary’s Bank: PJSC Sberbank
BIC: 044525225
Kor. Account: 30101810400000000225
Tin: 7703467602
UAH: 1187746944780
Cat: 770301001

possible causes of failure in the execution of payment

  • The card expires. Make sure your card is still valid. Card validity period is indicated on the face of the card (this is the month and year to which the card is valid). Details about the validity of the card, please contact the bank that issued the card;
  • There are not enough funds for payment on the bank card. For details on the status of the bank card account, please contact the bank that issued the banking card;
  • The fixed limit of operations per day exceeded. The amount of the daily limit for transactions is determined by the partner bank;
  • The bank blocks the operation on suspicion of its bad faith.

If you have any problems with the payment, call us, write to the manager in the online chat, or contact us in any other convenient way.